List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Mine technician, Geology technician, Mine planning technician, etc.

Mining technicians perform various tasks depending on the specialization they choose during their program: geology, extraction or minerallurgy. In general, they help plan and supervise extraction operations in open-pit or underground mines to ensure that the work proceeds as planned by the engineering team and in compliance with the safety standards, but they may develop expertise in a specific field, such as geology, mine planning, mine ventilation or ground control, and perform more specialized tasks. Many of their tasks require them to configure and use measuring instruments for various types of analysis. They may conduct quality control inspections in various mine sectors and make recommendations in order to eliminate risks and optimize the work process.  

Specific job conditions

  • The work may be performed in a hostile environment (darkness, dampness, cold, heat, dust, noise or vibrations).
  • The work may require fine muscular control for the adjustment of high-precision machine tools.
  • The work involves handling parts, tools and equipment of various weights.