List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Industrial mechanic, Industrial hoist mechanic, Maintenance mechanic, etc.

Millwrights are responsible for the proper operation of various infrastructures used in mines, which normally operate 24 hours a day, every day. For example, the hoist, conveyors and concentrators are infrastructures that must be functional at all times. Millwrights have the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that the infrastructures meet and are maintained in accordance with the strictest standards. They inspect and examine many different kinds of fixed equipment such as pumps, ventilators and generators in all mine facilities to detect signs of wear or malfunction, and then plan and carry out repair work or preventive maintenance to avoid future failures and breakages. Their extensive professional knowledge allows them to maintain flexible AC transmission, vacuum, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.  

Specific job conditions

  • The work may require fine muscular control for the adjustment of high-precision machine tools.
  • The working environment may be dusty, noisy or hard to access.
  • The work may induce stress because of the need to meet deadlines and production quotas.