List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Ore treatment machine operator, Concentrator operator, etc.

Mill operators perform tasks at a mining company's ore treatment plant. They operate various machines used in the treatment process for the ore extracted by the company. They ensure the proper operation of equipment in all sections of the plant, overseeing crushing, flotation, reagent feeders, control rooms, filter presses, and thickener tanks. Mill operators monitor valves, dials, computerized data, and screens for circuits and products to ensure that operations are proceeding correctly, and verify the specific operations for the process. Last, they adjust devices as needed. They can also help mechanics during maintenance work and production stoppages. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work requires constant attention when handling tools or hazardous materials.
  • The work may require fine muscular control for the adjustment of high-precision machine tools.
  • The work may be performed in difficult physical or environmental conditions (dust, noise, heat or cold).