List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Electromechanical engineer, Mechatronic engineer, Mechanical maintenance engineer, etc.

Mechanical engineers study, design and plan devices and systems for heating, ventilation and cooling, energy production, transportation, treatment and fabrication. They also perform tasks connected with the evaluation, placement, operation and maintenance of mechanical facilities for equipment improvement and optimization purposes. They supervise and inspect the installation, modification and commissioning of mechanical systems in various mine facilities. They draft maintenance standards, schedules and programs and supervise the industrial maintenance teams. They analyze repetitive breakages, seek the causes of mechanical failure or unexpected maintenance problems, and minimize the duration and frequency of equipment stoppages to avoid production losses. They may manage project implementation processes with outside suppliers. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work may be performed in an office environment or on-site.
  • The work may be performed in difficult physical or environmental conditions (dust, noise, heat or cold).