List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Human resources coordinator, Training advisor, etc.

Human resources advisors draw up, apply and assess policies, programs and procedures for human resource management, and advise and inform managers and employees about human resources issues. Their tasks may include one or more specializations such as organizational development, training, staffing, labour relations, pay and benefits, health and safety, or payroll management. They design tools and programs such as job descriptions, pay scales and performance evaluation systems. They plan manpower needs and recruit workers. They plan and administer training and skills upgrading programs, employee assistance programs, and employment equity programs. They may negotiate collective agreements on behalf of employers, and act as mediators in workplace disputes and the resolution of grievances. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work may involve frequent changes of priority requiring an excellent ability to adapt and manage stress.
  • The work is generally performed in an office environment and requires an ability to concentrate and work methodically.