List of occupation profiles

Geologists perform various tasks at various stages in the mining cycle. They may work in exploration to conduct geo-scientific surveys and below-ground exploration to characterize and asses geological formations and mineral deposits. During the mine development stage, they are closely involved in planning the extraction of minerals, and in designing and commissioning mine facilities. In the production stage, they may quantify the mechanical properties of rock, delimit the precise shape of a deposit, and analyze the mineral content of the ore to locate the richest zones. Last, they indicate to drillers where to develop extraction sites using 3D software that displays the shape of the deposit and the mine workings on-screen.  

Specific job conditions

  • The work may be performed in difficult physical or environmental conditions (darkness, dust, heat or cold).
  • The work may be performed in an office environment or on-site.
  • Some activities impose repetitive physical constraints.