List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Financial analyst

Financial controllers play a key role in a company's sound financial management. They draft reports, in particular for senior company managers and the board of directors, and ensure that budgets are respected and that expenditure has prior authorization. They may conduct financial simulations and analyses of the risk of profit loss. They record expenditure and income from sales of ore to calculate the profitability of the company's production. The senior management team and the managers of various divisions at the mine use their analyses and recommendations to make decisions. Their tasks may vary from one company to another, since each mine is unique. When they attend meetings with senior management, they may have to travel to the city where the company's head office is located. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work may involve frequent changes of priority requiring an excellent ability to adapt and manage stress.
  • The work is generally performed in an office environment and requires an ability to concentrate and work methodically.