List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Industrial electrician, Mine electrician, etc.

Electricians install and repair power cables, electrical devices, lighting systems, control devices and related apparatus in buildings and other facilities on mine sites. They may be required to work underground or in workshops on the surface, alongside several other trades during work days, since they are part of multi-disciplinary teams and must be extremely versatile. They may install and connect power cables in underground galleries or maintain circuits on conveyors. They can install, handle, repair and maintain many different types of electrical devices and industrial equipment with the most recent automation technologies used in the mining industry, and diagnose problems. In some cases, they are the only people holding the necessary certification to handle and troubleshoot some electrical devices. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work may require fine muscular control for the adjustment of high-precision machine tools.
  • The working environment may be dusty, noisy or hard to access.
  • Some activities require a high level of attention and concentration.